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Instant access to 20 hours of Illinois criminal law CLE. Straight download of audio-only mp3 files. Pre-approved for continuing legal education credit. Includes all 6 hours of proffessional responsibility credit. 

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Listening Is The New Reading.

Why read when when you can listen?

illinois criminal law cle

No Subscription required.

No subscription required. No password or login needed. Listen through your browser, on your phone, desktop or anyway you use to listen to mp3 files. No better way to catch up with the cases and earn CLE.  

6 hours illinois professional responsibility CLE

All your ethics.

Includes all 6 hours of professional responsibility. Modules include Mental Health (1.25 Hrs), Diversity & Inclusion (1.0 Hr), Professionalism (1.0 Hr), Legal Ethics (2.0 Hrs), Civility (0.75 Hrs). Get all the most important criminal case law updates in downloadable audio format. 

illinois criminal law cle

Busy lawyers listen.

Why read the cases when you can listen to them? This download feautures audio summaries of all the most imporant & recent Illinois criminal law cases. Get up to speed on everything you've missed and earn a little CLE for your trouble. 

Catching Cases

The rules say, no require, that attorneys must remain competent. Thus, to maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice.

In the Illinois criminal law changes come fast and furious. Add staying on top of it to your list of daily activities. You should make it home for dinner more often. These audio-only, CLE approved mp3's can help. This is the new way busy attorneys take control of their practice.

Download Your CLE Now.

No better or easier way to get up to speed and informed of all the most relevant and important Illinois criminal case law. Listen now. 

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I've been podcasting on the Illinois criminal law for a few years. Did you know Illinois Supreme Court Rule 795(d)(10) says that “[n]o credit shall be earned by reading advance sheets, newspapers, law reviews, books, cases, statutes, newsletters or other sources”?  

That means you can't earn any CLE if you deligently read and follow the published opinions. That sucks. So I take the very best, most informative podcast episodes that cover relevant court opinions and convert them to CLE. Ain't that something? 

Approved auio-only course work is 100% legit. 

I get it. It's impossible for the board to police "reading" the cases. An approved course, however, can be tracked, followed, and legitimatized.  

I started the podcast as my own way of keeping up with the cases. A few of my colleagues wanted in on it and it turned into a "thing." The audio updates turned into a valuable and important part of their legal education.  

Why shouldn't they and you earn a little CLE for your effort? Keeping up to date and informed is a lot of work. It can be time consuming. It become just another thing to do in an already hectik practice. As podcasts became more and more popular it just became the obvious solution to get the word out.

Audio-only case law updates distributed dirtectly to lawyers phones automatically in a podcast...brilliant! it worked out.

Yet, I also understand not everyone is into podcasts or is keen on another monthly or yearly subscription fee. Message received. With the button below you make a one time payment and get instant access to CLE approved mp3 files. No monthly fee, no subscription, no pass code or login required. 

These are straight downloads created just for you.

Download Your CLE Now.

No better or easier way to get up to speed and informed of all the most relevant and important Illinois criminal case law. Listen now. 


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